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Orosi and Montaņa Linda

nice writeup of Orosi
Accommodations at Orsi
Montaņa Linda website

Orosi Valley--The Orosi Valley, southeast of Cartago and visible from the top of Irazú on a clear day, is generally considered one of the most beautiful valleys in Costa Rica. -- Frommers

Let's GO writeup for Montaņa Linda

(533 3640; fax and international (506) 533 2153; info@montanalinda.com), 200m south and 200m west of the southwest corner of the soccer field.
Wake up to roosters and cows at this eclectically decorated tree house-like hotel. The young Canadian and Dutch owners attract backpackers with the fun hostel-like atmosphere, spotless communal bathrooms (with hot water), shared kitchen (US$1), and delicious breakfasts and dinners (US$2-3.50). Spanish classes (US$99-205 with meals and lodging) are offered. If you seek the luxury of private baths and killer mountainside views, try their Bed and Breakfast up the street. Laundry US$4. Dorms US$5.50; singles US$8; doubles US$12. Bed and Breakfast rooms US$25-35. All prices add 16% sales tax. Camping US$2.50 per person, US$3.50 renting a tent.

somebody's picture of the Montana Linda
And their journal entry for Montana Linda:

An incidental stop-off, and pleasant surprise in the Central Valley, was the small town of Orosi. It is nestled in between the mountains in the heart of the coffee region. I took a nice walk through the valley and down to a river where there are natural hot springs and a swimming hole. Orosi is very green and colorful. Fragrant blooms similar to fresia and lilies waft in on the wind. The nights are cool and the days are hot; perfect coffee growing weather. And oh yes, really good coffee.

From http://www.travelsongs.com/journal/costarica.html

JP Soule's review of Montana Linda

We came across the cozy and rustic lodge of Montana Linda while looking for cheap accommodations during our visit to the Volcan Irazu National Park. The Orosi valley is breathtaking and Montana Linda is conveniently located for jungle or mountain trekking. Horse back riding is also available and cheap. The friendly owners can also arrange private Spanish classes. It's a nice place to spend a few days relaxing.
From JP Soule

A funny review of Orosi and Montana Linda by an untrustworthy source

Orosi, My Final Paradise, February 15, 2003

The last few days I'd been enjoying the act of spewing complaint projectiles about the Costa Rican tourism industry and how it's killing any sort of life left in the country, how it lacks culture and how, if you don't like beaches and hanging out with a million other tourists, it's just not the place to be.

It's a few days later and I still agree with my previously muttered sentiments, but I've finally found a town here in Costa Rica that genuinely feels like a groovy place to spend time in without being overrun by obnoxious expats in their giant SUVs or having to walk down a trail dodging billboards advertising Cabinas! With! Hot! Water! every few steps.

We've landed in Orosi, a town of 8000 people settled in a wonderfully grand valley near Cartago. As we rolled into the valley, bus clinging courageously to the side of the mountain, I whispered to Gary, "This is the first time I've actually been extremely excited about travelling around in this country. I can't wait!"

And in the two hours we've been here, I have not been disappointed. The hostel, Montana Linda, is a wonderful outfit owned by a Dutch guy and his Canadian wife together providing a great resource for backpackers who just want to enjoy tranquility and be a part of a small community at the same time. This is definitely the best hostel in Costa Rica, hands down.

The townfolk are absolutely precious. The locals toss their heads in our direction, as if pleading to say hello. Their smiles are as warm as the inside of a freshly baked apple pie. Mmm. We had supper at Soda Luz and the waiter was kind and patient, unlike the flurry of servers we had in the obnoxious beach towns. We had tacos, topped with ketchup and mayonnaise (I will never understand their fascination with these condiments... they're on everything), a large order of papas fritas and two drinks and it all came to less money than what we would pay on a freaking appetizer in those beach towns.

And you know what's even greater about this town, Orosi? THERE'S NO BEACH PEOPLE. Frig, I love this place.

The mountains around cling to the sides of the town like they're protecting it from all the evils of the world. And as I stand in the centre of the town beside the cutest church in the world, inhaling the fresh air and forcing my eyes to absorb every tree trunk coating the hills, I too want to stop being mean, want to start saying hi to everyone, want to start smiling at every little thing I see.

We only have one full day left to explore in our travels around Costa Rica and I'm glad we made the decision to come here. If I didn't have my family to return to in Ciudad Colon or a need to make money in Canada, I'd stay here for good.

 From Travel Addict.

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