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My Costa Rica Information Pages (in Wiki format)

I have created a new email address that I will try to check while in Costa Rica

I don't know how often I will check it, but that is probably the best way to get a hold of us while we are gone.

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Other pages:

Time until we leave for Costa Rica
PackingList -- just started

Doc directory

Doc directory will be

Another great travel tip

Make a copy of your passport, plane tickets and travelers checks and put it in your luggage. Also, scan and store a copy of your documents on the internet. Your passport, tickets and travel check numbers maybe some of the obvious but don't forget about your prescriptions, credit card numbers and other important documents.

Mark your bags with something that stands out and that you can instantly notice. Be creative. Some travelers use patches, large ribbons or even teddy bears. There are so many bags that look like yours and unless you distinguish your bags they might walk off without you seeing them.

Pack as if you are going to be separated from your luggage for a day or two. Use a carry on for two days or so of clothes and the essentials that you need to travel.

From the very useful site,


Current currency rate is approximately 400 to the dollar.


Tamarindo we have done before. Nice, but large and developed.

Nosara and Somara look good.

The Southern Nicoya Pennisula might be a good place for a beach trip

(although I do have some concerns about the weather):

The Southern Nicoya Peninsula can be reached by road from the northern province of Guanacaste, but the easiest way from the Costa Rica mainland is to cross the Gulf of Nicoya by ferry from Puntarenas.

While Guanacaste is known for its dry climate, the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula receives more rain annually, making it a transitional zone between dry forest climate and tropical rainforest. The wildlife here is common to both ecosystems and many animals are seasonal commuters.

Two beach places to check out: Mal Pais and Montezuma -- Both sound a little like Playa del Carmen 10 years ago. good info on area -- looks good

Photographs has a lot of nice pictures of Costa Rica

Itineraries and suggestions

Lots of good suggestions here

Rentals in Costa Rica

Do we want to rent a condo/house for a week? They can be had for $500-$700 a week.

Most outrageously priced, a few reasonably priced at Arenal and the beaches. See for example This one and this one. Or this one at the beach.

Or live in what looks like a Condo in Hereida for $400-$500 a week

News sources

English Language publications

AM Costa Rica Daily online newspaper in English with classified ads for tourists.
Tico Times The established English language weekly.


Very good selection at Maptak

Travel insurance

Lonely planet has a link to sellers of travel insurance Complete coverage could be had for $200 or so.

General resources

Let's go costa rica online- a useful resource
Let's Go listing of Costa Rica Language Schools
JP Soule writes an interesting and idiosyncratic kayaker's guide to Costa Rica
Lonely Plant Online Guide to Costa Rica
Lonly Planet's Costa Rica links page

Costa Rica time is one hour later than US Pacific Coast Daylight Savings Time. See the exact time now in Costa Rica

Good Advice

Traveling with Children

Family vacations often require that you slow your pace and always require that you plan ahead. If you plan on renting a car, it is best to bring your child's seat with you since rental companies don't always have them. Be sure that your child carries some sort of ID in case of an emergency or in case he or she gets lost.

Weather forecasts

Most useful : Weather Channel, by region

San Jose Costa Rica Weather
Weather com Weather com
Weather underground

Links not sorted yet

university of Costa Rica (Spanish)
more Orosi info
retire in Costa Rica
place to stay in tamarindo
really interesting trip report. Highly recommends renting a car

Spanish school recommended by a teacher

schools in costa rica

Buy sandals?

Teva Sandals at REI

Itinerary planner

Costa rica blogs

General resources

Stories of traveling in Costa Rica

Tourist class buses

Emergency info

The U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica is located in Pavas, San Jose, telephone (506) 220-3050/3939; the extension for American Citizen Services is 2453. The Embassy is open Monday through Friday, and closed on Costa Rican and U.S. holidays. For emergencies arising outside normal business hours, U.S. citizens may call tel. (506) 220-3127 and ask for the duty officer.

HOSPITAL NACIONAL DE NIÑOS Calle 14, Av. Central. Telephone: 222-0122

This is a 250 bed hospital for children operating under the Costa Rican Social Security System. It has private rooms with baths, telephones and space for an extra bed in each room. The equipment operating rooms, and its pediatric specialists are the best in Central America. Only children under the age of 12 should be brought to this facility for life-threatening types of emergencies.


CIMA SAN JOSE: Tel: 208-1000. Location: 500 m. West of the tollbooths on the highway to Santa Ana (Prospero Fernández Free way). This is a private hospital has 86 private rooms and 14 private suites. The hospital is equipped to handle medical, surgical and maternity cases. It has a 24-hour emergency room as well as laboratory, X-ray services, and pharmacy. They accept several U.S. health insurance plans.

CLINICA BIBLICA: Tel: 257-5252. Location: Calle 1, Ave. 14. This is a private, non-profit hospital, which is equipped to handle medical, surgical, pediatric and maternity cases. There are 65 beds all in private rooms (8 intensive care, 24 hr. specialist present). The clinic has a 24-hour emergency room with emergency specialist and surgeon present, as well as laboratory, pharmacy and X-ray services. They also have CAT scan and MRI, hemodialysis with bicarbonate filter, and blood bank in the installations. They accept several U. S. health insurance plans.

From, which also has a list of doctors. register with embassy

Finally found a costa rican blog, written by a gay cowboy American expatriot. He has some good opinions, and some nice wall paper as well

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