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Costa Rica Places to check out

Recommended places from Lonely Planet

Península de Nicoya

This area on the northwestern Pacific coast is difficult to traverse because of the lack of paved roads; however, it's well worth the effort because it contains some of the country's best and most remote beaches. There are also some small and rarely visited wildlife reserves and parks. Parque Nacional Marino las Baulas de Guanacaste, just north of Tamarindo, includes Playa Grande, an important nesting site for the baula (leatherback turtle) - the world's largest turtle, which can weigh over 500kg (1105lb). Playa del Coco is the most accessible beach on the peninsula, in an attractive setting and with a small village, which has some nightlife. Good surfing and windsurfing can be found at Playa Tamarindo. Caving fans head for Parque Nacional Barra Honda, northeast of Nicoya, which protects some of Costa Rica's most interesting caves. Wildlife teems in the coastal Refugio Nacional de Fauna Silvestre Ostional, midway between Sámara and Paraíso. The main attraction is the annual nesting of the olive ridley sea turtle, but you'll also find iguanas, howler monkeys, coatimundis and flocks of numerous birds. One of the safest and prettiest beaches in the country is Playa Sámara, and Montezuma, near the tip of the peninsula, is a lovely, laid-back paradise for tired, young gringos.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park: All round, this was our favourite national park because it is more accessible than Corcovado and not nearly so humid.
-- LP traveler

If you're into bird watching you should head straight for La Selva, Parque Nacional Tapantí, Parque Nacional Palo Verde, Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Caño Negro or the area around Tortuguero. Río Reventazon, in central Costa Rica, is one of the most exciting and scenic rivers in Costa Rica and a favorite with river rafters and kayakers.

Drake Bay wilderness resort

SUMMER PRICE RATES ( Green Season ) / All Prices based on double occupancy

  1. 1 A week of paradise: (seven days, six nights, 5 guided tours details ) $1045.00 - p/p
  2. 2 'Standard' : (Four days, three nights with two tours details ) $680.00 - p/p

  1. 4 Fishing Package: (four days, three nights, two days fishing details ) $798.00 - p/p
  2. 6 Mt. Biking Pkg: $680.00 - p/p
  3. 7 Bird Watching Pkg: $680.00 - p/p
  4. 8 Kayaking Pkg: (four days, three nights, instructions and trip details ) $680.00 - p/p

Children ages 7 - 15 -- 40% discount + $90 Children ages 6 and under -- 60% discount + $90 · Additional day at the Resort $90 per person (including meals) · Please limit your luggage to 25# per person - we have one day laundry service.

All these prices include flights from San Jose, so presumably we could bargain.


Arenal volcano status (spanish)

A fun website on the Arenal area with some useful stuff

Arenal volcano canopy tour pictures. Looks like Fun!

Nice Map of Arenal/Fortuna? area Luxury resorts on Lake Arenal - quoting $150 per day for a cottage.

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