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Today there are four public universities. The University of Costa Rica is the largest one, with a population of 35,000 students and numerous undergraduate and graduate programs. The second largest public university is the National University in Heredia, with an estimated 13,000 students. The Technological Institute in Cartago is dedicated mostly to the teaching of scientific and technological careers. Finally, there's the State Correspondence University, which is designed after a British Open University, and has had great success especially for people who live in rural areas. These public universities have large facilities and some, like the University of Costa Rica, has a large and very nice campus. Even though the fee is small to moderate, these institutions still offer scholarships for students who can't afford even the minimum charge.

Apart from these public universities, there are several private ones that have multiplied immensely in the past ten years. These institutions offer shorter careers, since most of them don't require the liberal arts courses that are obligatory in public universities. Since they are private, the charge per unit or per class is much more expensive than in public universities, but many students that can afford them prefer to attend these universities because they're interested in a more focused education. Most of these private universities are located in San Jose or very close by, since this is where most of the wealth and population lie. Some of the main ones are: Universidad Latina, Universidad Autonoma de Centro America, Universidad Interamericana, and many, many others.

List of 89? universitieys in Costa Rica

Rooms for rent in "San Pedro de Montes de Oca, less then one kilometer from the University of Costa Rica, University Latina and University Fidelitas"
San Pedro de Montes de Oca, farther east, is university town, with myriad bars and restaurants.

From San Jose, drive east on Avenida 2 past National Museum; Los Yoses where road merges into Avenida Central. San Pedro is ahead, past the traffic circle at the La Hispanidad water fountain. Buses leave regularly from downtown San Jose.
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